Rebekah Stuart 


Melbourne-based contemporary artist and photographer Rebekah Stuart is fascinated by exploring an alternative aesthetic to the traditional and Romantic landscape, whilst also exploring the potentials for art and dance to coalesce. Working as an artist for over 25 years and exhibiting mainly in Australia and the UK, Rebekah has developed a practice through reconstructing fragments of nature and the subconscious via digital media and the body to recreate new worlds. 

Rebekah’s images evolve in a similar fashion to that of a painter, over long duration.The fragments are built and refined so a new whole emerges, disorienting the observer in a subtle way to reflect on their internal terrain. The landscapes reflect the horizons within – an intimate sublime for a time when wilderness is perhaps uninhabitable. The worlds Rebekah creates speak to a larger force where she believes that when we keep this tender conversation open, we may arrive at a place much like a resonant symphony.